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Welcome to Vista Junior Academy

At Junior Academy, we understand that the road to success requires more than education alone. We embrace and value the process of laying a foundation from which successful education can be built. In preparing this foundation, we acknowledge that before a child can be effectively educated, certain basic needs need to be met. These include respect, a sense of belonging, love, recognition, friendship and security, to only name a few. All which they receive at our school. Children are our future and we need to do everything in our ability to give them the best chance for success.

Our Language Approach

The language of instruction is English as Home Language and Afrikaans as First Additional Language.  All teaching, exercise and practical material are provided in English.  Most students originating from South African countries as well as students from English-speaking countries, can assume that they have sufficient proficiency in English to register and participate in the CAPS programme.

Learners whose home language is not English, will have to pass a baseline assessment on their age level before being accepted at Vista Junior Academy. On a case-by-case basis, as determined by the respective learner advisor, learners whose first language is not English, may be required to attend remedial English-language classes.

Our Latest News

Fresh off the chalk board

Vacancy : Intermediate Phase Grade 4 – 6 Educator

Vacancy : FET Phase Grade 8 – 12 Educator

Vacancy : High School Deputy Principal


What we stand for

We make it our priority to get to know each learner’s unique personality and living conditions. Our school is a safe place for learners where they receive more than just an education.

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    Human Dignity

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    Social Justice

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Communities that surround the school

Junior Academy is situated in a vibrant community that is rich with potential. Many young families reside here, and it is a safe and beautiful environment for children to grow up in. Parents in the community value the importance of good education and the children are taught good values at home and the importance of hard work, in order to achieve excellence.

Relationship with schools in the area

We work closely with the other schools in the Edulife group. Being a young principal that runs a fairly new school, I understand and value the importance of a support system. As Junior Academy grows, we aim to build strong sporting teams that can compete with the surrounding schools on the sports field.


What people say about us

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