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Letter from the Rector

Dear Parents/Guardians, Staff, Learners and Families

Yes, it is that time of the year again!!! Although, after the two years of the “new normal”, there is a different sense of excitement, isn’t it? Under “normal” circumstances we could look forward to a wonderful vacation, but now it is different. There is still excitement, but this time there is uncertainty, we are still trying to make sense of our disrupted lives and we can not predict what comes next… will it be safe to travel, to visit friends and family, etc?

But I have good news for our EduLife Group and Vista Junior and Senior Academies! We have made it so far as a school family and by the grace of God our staff and learners were able to make it safely through the year and we were able to finalise schedules and marks. I have to commend our excellent teaching staff in this regard. Well done staff, for walking the extra mile and take the school to the next level. We are very proud of you. To all our support, kitchen and security staff a big thank you. Thank you, Prisca for taking leadership and doing procurement. We appreciate you all.

To our parents, I salute you. Being a parent and granddad myself, I have the greatest respect for you and your families for supporting your children’s school, motivating and providing for your children and marketing our school amongst your friends and families. This is also true for our grandparents. Thank you for trusting Vista Academy and believing in us!

Speaking of good news! Our numbers are still growing and we are nearing the 500 mark! Thank you, parents, for being our “word of mouth” marketers.

More good news, is that our grade 9 learners will be the first learners to attend Vista Senior Academy’s grade 10 class. Yes, the next step in the growth of our school. We are introducing our FET phase in 2022!!

Yes, we have more good news! The construction of our first five classes and ablution block is nearing completion and another five class rooms will follow soon. This will be our new high school. We would like to thank mr Hansie Engelbrecht (CEO) and his management for having the vision building further on his dad’s dream. Also to SANARI for investing in our school.

“Oom” Pieter Greyling, Lucky, Louis and your building team, a big thank you for having painted our whole school, for constructing the new buildings and for helping to keep us safe while you are building. The developing of our sports grounds is also on the way.

We have reason to believe that with all the good news, we can look forward to a wonderful journey at our school.

I also have to address a few important items as I know that our parents would like to prepare for the next year.

Finances: Always a sensitive subject, but one that cannot be ignored. The school fees had to increase especially in the light of no increase in in 2020 for 2021. The costs and inflation in education leaves us no other option. Please bear in mind that we are an Independent school and do not receive any subsidies from the Department or Government. Please parents, we know and understand that in many cases our families went through very, very difficult challenges. Should you experience any difficulties paying school fees, we invite you to come to the school and discuss it with us. Communication is always the best way to solve difficulties. Education is always an investment in your children’s lives.

Text books and stationery are a huge challenge in the difficult times but I can assure you that we are working very hard behind the scenes to prepare our school for 2022. My advice to our parents is to put enough money away for 2022 in order for you to make provision for these important items.

School uniform: please contact our office or speak to Cherèl du Plooy who will gladly assist you when procuring uniform.

We are looking forward to have a “normal” school year in 2022.

Please be sure of our continuous commitment to do what ever is needed to educate your children. We as the EduLife Group has committed ourselves to the following vision: “To sustainably provide inclusive, modern and tailormade educational excellence, that enables all learners to thrive, reach their full potential and meet the demands of the future”.

May you all have a blessed Festive Season, may you have a good rest and my you all be safe. May your new year be blessed as well and my God’s favour rest upon you and your families.

There is more good news! God is still in control!

Thank you

Willie Havenga
Academic Head/Rector

Deuteronomy 28:1-14

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